Silicone Bra’s and Breast lift tape: The differences

Silicone bra bra and stick tape: The differences and similarities.

We are fan of adhesive bra tape. Nevertheless, we receive a lot of customers on our website who are looking for silicone cups. Some of our visitors are trying the adhesive bra tape (and switch) another part remains in the good old silicone cups (siliconen bh).

In this blog, we put the pros and cons apart from the adhesive tape and silicone bra cups.

silicone bra

The producthas many names: Silicone adhesive bra, silicone cups, adhesive bra cups, and many others. Silicone bra’s were used a lot, but these days the good old silicone bra is replaced by plastic pads with an adhesive layer. Caution! The silicone cups are made ​​in China (like almost all silicone cups in the world – the sticky bra tapes are made in the Netherlands). The ladies in China usually have just a smaller cup than in Europe. So if you are in between a B and C, go for the larger size. provides the silicone bra in three colors:

The white silicone bra
The black silicone bra
The flesh-colored silicone bra

silicone bra

silicone adhesive bra white

silicone bra white


silicone adhesive bra skin

silicone adhesive bra skin

silicone adhesive bra black

silicone bra black

The advantages of the silicone bra:

Color: The silicone bra can be bought in black, white and nude. It can be very ‘hip’ to see the bra throught the clothes.
Push or lift: The silicone adhesive bra does not lift the breasts, but pushes it. This can be a disadvantage or an advantage.
Reusable: The silicone bra is reusable several times. If the inside of the adhesive bra is cleaned, the silicone adhesive bra can be used several times.

The disadvantages of the silicone bra:

Color: The silicone bra is not transparent. This may as indicated above be an advantage, but may, if it is not a disadvantage. In contrast, the adhesive bra tape is a transparent bra.
Sweating and exercise: It’s not that the silicone adhesive bra will drop. On the contrary. Nevertheless, we notice that the bra tape are easier to put if the wearer is dancing or is sweating. This is because the adhesive tape is firmer sticked to the skin.
Push or lift: The silicone adhesive bra only pushes. The bra tape lifts. That is something to consider.
V-dress: If you wear a V-dress, you will see the silicone bra if the V is deeper than the bra.

Stick Bra Tape

The Bra Tape is also called a bra sticker. There are several sticky bras on the market where the biggest difference is the quality. Many are imported from China. Untested adhesive bras on the skin which can result in very very bad skin effect. For a few dollars cheaper you have a Chinese lift, including skin damage! Better buy an adhesive breast lift from 3M tape. Among others, the Bye Bra is a bra tape made from a tape of the 3M brand. This product is safe. Not only the lift, but also the tape and the nipple covers are tested.

How do the adhesive breast lift tapes work?

1. The breast lift is positioned above the nipple. Normally the breast is not covered with a nipple cover yet, however the instruction pictures have a nipple cover as sometimes nudity is not appreciated. The adhesive breast lift will be placed but the paper on the top of the breast lift is not removed yet.

adhesive breast lift tape

2. Remove the top of the slab bra. Do this gently and make sure the adhesive bra is not going to double.

stick bra

3. Lift the bra sticker from the top. Pull the bra up as much as you can and stick it back to the skin. You’ll see that the breast is 5-6cm higher!

cleavage bra


4 Press the bra to the skin. The instructions for the adhesive bra can also be found via this link adhesive bra video.


5. The result is that the adhesive bra lifts the breasts from the top.

adhesive bra stickers


The advantages of the adhesive tape bra:

Quality: The bra tape is super sticky. 3M tape is the best tape out there.
Invisibility: The bra tape is much more invisible than an adhesive breast lift cup.
Lift or push: The bra tape lifts the breasts. The silicone bra cups push the breasts together.
Natural: The bra tape gives a natural look. Because the tape lifts from above the bra’s can move naturally.
Cup A-F +: The adhesive bra tape is currently the only strapless solution for cup E and larger. Bye Bra covers the whole range.
Silicone or silk: The Bye Bra is available with as well silicone nipple covers as well silk nipple covers.
V-dress: The sticky bra tape has no connection in the center and is therefore ideal for a V-dress.

Our advice: For an E cup or larger, we recommend the adhesive bra Bye Bra. Simply because there is no solution for an E cup or larger. If you have a cup A-D we recommend the adhesive bra tape if you have a V dress and also if you are looking for a bra that is transparent. Also if you want to make a party and if you will dance and sweat, we recommend the adhesive bra tape.

If you’re looking for a strapless solution where the breasts are pushed together and provides more support from the bottom, in that case we advise the adhesive bra cups. Also these adhesive bra cups are reusable.

If you have any questions about silicone bras or bra tapes, do not hesitate to contact us.

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