Bra stickers, your solution to lift the breasts!

Bra stickers is a great invention of Bye Bra—a trustable Dutch brand. I still remember those bad days when I was stuck to use the copycat bra stickers of China. In those days, we, the ladies of Europe, had left with no option and no reliable alternate. Believe me, I and many of my friends and family females were using those stickers unwillingly. But what could we do, we had to shape our breasts anyhow.

Bra stickers changed our lives

One of my friends once went to the market with my sister and brought home the bra stickers of Bye Bra. The time she started using it was the most wonderful time of her life. She told me that she is totally satisfied with the quality of the product and recommended me to use it. So, I didn’t like to waste any more time and went to the same shop with my sister for bringing one bra product for myself and two for my mom and sister-in-law.

As my sister was already using it, so she could tell us how to apply and use it effectively. What an amazing thing that the product was very easy to use. It took me only two to three minutes to apply to my breasts.

Precautions to take care of

Certainly there are some precautions we have to take care of to enjoy effective results of bra stickers.

  • It shouldn’t be used on wet breasts as the bra tape would not work.
  • We need to keep our nipples absolutely clean before applying the stickers.
  • We cannot stick it all the time—which means we will use it only on special occasions and the time when there is an important office meeting.
  • The breasts should not have any kind of moisturizer applied to them at the time when you are about to use bra stickers—this is because in the presence of a moisturizer, your breasts go oily and the stickers aren’t applied properly and cannot stick to the nipples in an effective way.
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