Bra Stickers – The history of the bra sticker – how we stopped using dutct tape

Bra stickers are used by many people and normally they are called ‘adhesive breast lifts’ or ‘bra tape’. The bra stickers have a push up effect and lift breasts from the top. The bra stickers are a strapless solution to lift breasts from the top.

This allows you to wear a strapless dress with bare shoulders, bare back, V neck etcetera. Clothing which are transparent are also much easier to wear as the bra stickers are invisible and therefore unseen under this kind of clothes. On there are some video’s available wich show how the bra stickers work.

In comparison with 10 years ago bra stickers and other bra accessories are much more sold. The bra accessory category is a growing category for most of the retailers. Erotic shops, lingerie retailers, shapewear retailers and retailers who sell a lot of dresses all have bra accessories available. Also in the Erotic industry bra accessories are a growing category as well the bra stickers.

Why did shapewear become so popular?

Actually, we have to go back thousands of years. In the Middle Ages, women already tried to make themselves more beautiful with makeup. But in countries like India there was already plastic surgery – which has nothing to do with the bra stickers – after removing for example noses (rituals). In African countries there was mutilation and bones were put through the nose. In Europe, Samoa and other locations there was and is a trend to take tattoos. During these years we started to accept that we can change something to our body to look better. The acceptance started…

Trend: Bra stickers.

Over the years there have been more accessories introduced. The “cheating” as some people see it was accepted. During World War I plastic surgery got a big boost because of the war damaged body parts which had to be recovered. Especially from 1960 on plastic surgery has become a trend. In some countries a large % of the women use plastic surgery.

Make lifeeasier with bra accessories.

So the mindset changed, and it was accepted to use a bit of help. That’s where the strapless bra stickers became a possibility to wear. And nowadays in erotic shops, lingerie shops, shapewear shops and shops which sell dresses the bra stickers are available to serve you.

From duct tape to high quality strapless bra stickers.

In the past women taped their breasts with duct tape. OUCH! After the duct tape we’ve seen the Chinese copycats – but if you use those, this can happen (click to see photo)China copied the bra stickers from the US and Europe and painful scars are a result. A brand which provides high quality medical bra stickers is the Bye Bra breast lift company. Bye bra provide bra stickers which lift from the top and the tape is made in cooperation with 3M. They provide a bra sticker whichranges from cup A to cup F+. Bye Bra’s are available in many countries like Portugal, The Netherlands, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Swiss and many countries. We recommend Bye Bra as it does not push the breasts like silicone bra’s, but it really lifts the bra. On top of that they don’t drop while you’re on the dance floor.

So these days the bra accessories are very popular.

This is partly because quality changed. Some products, such as silicone adhesive bra’s are patented in several countries like the Netherlands, US, Canada. If you find them somewhere only cheap, then they are usually copies from China. This kind of patents have expired on some other products so the price fell drastically. Therefore for example provides you a whole range of bra stickers for an affordable price. They ship the same day you order to almost all countries in the world.We recommend you to buy the best of the best like Bye Bra if you care for your breast. They have high quality bra stickers. We have been in contact with them and they answer all questions. If you have questions, check their FAQ or email them.


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