The renewed website for your stick on bra

Stick on Bra

The internet went crazy recently! Not because launched it’s new website full with stick on bra‘s like the Bye Bra. No.. it was because Kim Kardashion revealed what kind of stick on bra she is using when she has to go to another gala.

stick on bra

The stick on bra which Kim used was some kind of tape which we use if we are painting and we don’t want to get the wall dirty so we cover it with tape. That’s not a stick on bra.

As is now renewed we are sure Kim can order her Bye Bra’s (which is the stick on bra we recommend in this case) on the new website. Use now the code BYEBRA10 for a 10% off!

stick on bras

If you have any remarks about the website, feel free to let us know.

Bye Bra!

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Silicone Bra’s and Breast lift tape: The differences

Silicone bra bra and stick tape: The differences and similarities.

We are fan of adhesive bra tape. Nevertheless, we receive a lot of customers on our website who are looking for silicone cups. Some of our visitors are trying the adhesive bra tape (and switch) another part remains in the good old silicone cups (siliconen bh).

In this blog, we put the pros and cons apart from the adhesive tape and silicone bra cups.

silicone bra

The producthas many names: Silicone adhesive bra, silicone cups, adhesive bra cups, and many others. Silicone bra’s were used a lot, but these days the good old silicone bra is replaced by plastic pads with an adhesive layer. Caution! The silicone cups are made ​​in China (like almost all silicone cups in the world – the sticky bra tapes are made in the Netherlands). The ladies in China usually have just a smaller cup than in Europe. So if you are in between a B and C, go for the larger size. provides the silicone bra in three colors:

The white silicone bra
The black silicone bra
The flesh-colored silicone bra

silicone bra

silicone adhesive bra white

silicone bra white


silicone adhesive bra skin

silicone adhesive bra skin

silicone adhesive bra black

silicone bra black

The advantages of the silicone bra:

Color: The silicone bra can be bought in black, white and nude. It can be very ‘hip’ to see the bra throught the clothes.
Push or lift: The silicone adhesive bra does not lift the breasts, but pushes it. This can be a disadvantage or an advantage.
Reusable: The silicone bra is reusable several times. If the inside of the adhesive bra is cleaned, the silicone adhesive bra can be used several times.

The disadvantages of the silicone bra:

Color: The silicone bra is not transparent. This may as indicated above be an advantage, but may, if it is not a disadvantage. In contrast, the adhesive bra tape is a transparent bra.
Sweating and exercise: It’s not that the silicone adhesive bra will drop. On the contrary. Nevertheless, we notice that the bra tape are easier to put if the wearer is dancing or is sweating. This is because the adhesive tape is firmer sticked to the skin.
Push or lift: The silicone adhesive bra only pushes. The bra tape lifts. That is something to consider.
V-dress: If you wear a V-dress, you will see the silicone bra if the V is deeper than the bra.

Stick Bra Tape

The Bra Tape is also called a bra sticker. There are several sticky bras on the market where the biggest difference is the quality. Many are imported from China. Untested adhesive bras on the skin which can result in very very bad skin effect. For a few dollars cheaper you have a Chinese lift, including skin damage! Better buy an adhesive breast lift from 3M tape. Among others, the Bye Bra is a bra tape made from a tape of the 3M brand. This product is safe. Not only the lift, but also the tape and the nipple covers are tested.

How do the adhesive breast lift tapes work?

1. The breast lift is positioned above the nipple. Normally the breast is not covered with a nipple cover yet, however the instruction pictures have a nipple cover as sometimes nudity is not appreciated. The adhesive breast lift will be placed but the paper on the top of the breast lift is not removed yet.

adhesive breast lift tape

2. Remove the top of the slab bra. Do this gently and make sure the adhesive bra is not going to double.

stick bra

3. Lift the bra sticker from the top. Pull the bra up as much as you can and stick it back to the skin. You’ll see that the breast is 5-6cm higher!

cleavage bra


4 Press the bra to the skin. The instructions for the adhesive bra can also be found via this link adhesive bra video.


5. The result is that the adhesive bra lifts the breasts from the top.

adhesive bra stickers


The advantages of the adhesive tape bra:

Quality: The bra tape is super sticky. 3M tape is the best tape out there.
Invisibility: The bra tape is much more invisible than an adhesive breast lift cup.
Lift or push: The bra tape lifts the breasts. The silicone bra cups push the breasts together.
Natural: The bra tape gives a natural look. Because the tape lifts from above the bra’s can move naturally.
Cup A-F +: The adhesive bra tape is currently the only strapless solution for cup E and larger. Bye Bra covers the whole range.
Silicone or silk: The Bye Bra is available with as well silicone nipple covers as well silk nipple covers.
V-dress: The sticky bra tape has no connection in the center and is therefore ideal for a V-dress.

Our advice: For an E cup or larger, we recommend the adhesive bra Bye Bra. Simply because there is no solution for an E cup or larger. If you have a cup A-D we recommend the adhesive bra tape if you have a V dress and also if you are looking for a bra that is transparent. Also if you want to make a party and if you will dance and sweat, we recommend the adhesive bra tape.

If you’re looking for a strapless solution where the breasts are pushed together and provides more support from the bottom, in that case we advise the adhesive bra cups. Also these adhesive bra cups are reusable.

If you have any questions about silicone bras or bra tapes, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Bra stickers, your solution to lift the breasts!

Bra stickers is a great invention of Bye Bra—a trustable Dutch brand. I still remember those bad days when I was stuck to use the copycat bra stickers of China. In those days, we, the ladies of Europe, had left with no option and no reliable alternate. Believe me, I and many of my friends and family females were using those stickers unwillingly. But what could we do, we had to shape our breasts anyhow.

Bra stickers changed our lives

One of my friends once went to the market with my sister and brought home the bra stickers of Bye Bra. The time she started using it was the most wonderful time of her life. She told me that she is totally satisfied with the quality of the product and recommended me to use it. So, I didn’t like to waste any more time and went to the same shop with my sister for bringing one bra product for myself and two for my mom and sister-in-law.

As my sister was already using it, so she could tell us how to apply and use it effectively. What an amazing thing that the product was very easy to use. It took me only two to three minutes to apply to my breasts.

Precautions to take care of

Certainly there are some precautions we have to take care of to enjoy effective results of bra stickers.

  • It shouldn’t be used on wet breasts as the bra tape would not work.
  • We need to keep our nipples absolutely clean before applying the stickers.
  • We cannot stick it all the time—which means we will use it only on special occasions and the time when there is an important office meeting.
  • The breasts should not have any kind of moisturizer applied to them at the time when you are about to use bra stickers—this is because in the presence of a moisturizer, your breasts go oily and the stickers aren’t applied properly and cannot stick to the nipples in an effective way.
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Adhesive bras, perfect for curious women

When it comes to choose a finest breast shaper—I remain worried and want something reliable. But to tell you honestly, this decision was never so easy for me. Among those so many breast shapers and bras available in the market, what to choose and what to not choose was a tough decision for me.

How to beware of copycat bra stickers

I know it is very difficult to beware of the copycat bra stickers, because our markets are flooded with many of them. Most of these products are imported from China and sold worldwide. Many of European and American stores and garment shops have such products which are good for nothing. In all such circumstances, this question arises in minds that how to beware of copycat bra stickers. To get an answer, the adhesive bra makers undertook some of the experiments before presenting their product. Their focus was to how to make this product highly effective and useful for the audience. After several test reports, it was revealed that all of the China-made breast shapers were giving nothing but irritation to the women. These bra stickers contain the substances that are not skin-friendly and cannot give life to your breasts—instead they will ruin the natural shape and texture of your breasts’ skin.

Found an alternative

After knowing all these things I found an alternate, I brought home the adhesive bras. This has been a really amazing and interesting product to turn my failures into successes. Now I feel confidence in my every time I apply the stickers to my breasts. The results are always the same and there is absolutely no harm to my breasts.

If you see on their reviews and overall testimonials, you will come to know why I am so satisfied with the results and quality of adhesive bras—for me this is the only product I am going to go with for a lifetime to enjoy perfect shape of the breasts. It brings no irritation; instead, I got rid of the itchiness and redness of my breasts which had all caused due to those China-made copycat stickers.

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Adhesive breast lifts – why would you need them?

Why to use adhesive breast lifts

Adhesive breast lifts is a great invention of Bye Bra. Since a long, I had been suffering with the bad and odd shape of my breasts. It seemed that nothing can work. I was simply fed up of those ordinary and low quality copycats of China that had totally ruined the shape of my breasts. Being an office woman, it was too necessary for me to find an alternative because I use to spend most of my time dealing with customers and preparing presentations to boost more and more potential orders. In all such circumstances, I was not willing to use the breast shaper of a China’s brand.

My lovely strapless dresses

I was simply tired to see that my strapless dresses could not give me that appealing look as I always wanted. Inside and outside the office, I had to look awesome and this is what every woman like me wants. So to come up with the best, adhesive breast lifts became my destination. This is the only product that works equally both on small and large sized breasts. The company has made sure that the different sizes are there to fulfill the requirements of the women. Also gel petals are very easy to use.

A blessing for us

I must say that adhesive breast lifts is not less than a blessing for women like me. Now, due to this product, I am better able to wear any backless dress or strapless outfit freely. There is absolutely no hurdle I find while using it. The soft and comfortable breast lifts tights my breasts in a way that even a branded bra cannot do. Now it acts like my secret friend, but I never use it under every outfit. This is what you also need to remember. You should not use adhesive breast lifts all the time, instead, use it when you’re to look great on an outdoor meeting, function, event, or party. This will make sure that every time you use the product, you will have enough to enjoy its great results.

Your turn

This is now your turn to have it ordered at an online store or bring from a nearby boutique. The adhesive breast lifts or so called bra tape is available at over 300 stores across Europe and other major countries in the world.

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Using bra lifts UK—the best product in the market  

When it comes to choose the best shaper, the selection is very tough. This is due to the reason that the markets are flooded with brands and varieties. Most of them are, to tell you honestly, copycat China products. But thanks to God I am in safe hands. For all kinds of breast problems, my one and only choice is bra lifts UK.

bra tape

bra tape

My life before bra lifts

I still remember that two years back I used to remain worried about my breasts. They were, telling you the secret, getting bored and odd looking. It seemed that my life has been ended. I was losing my confidence of life day by day. I had left with no hope, because I had to undergo a breast surgery.

A day when I was sitting in my office, one of my friends came to join me at lunch. During the regular conversation, I liked to share my problem with her for a possible solution, if any. She was shocked and said that “How can you be so careless towards your health and breasts?” I said okay I am sorry but now I am fed up and want a pleasant change in life.

Bra lift UK, my ultimate solution

Amazingly, bra lifts UK became a part of my life. I started using this product on recommendation of my friend. It was she who asked me to bring the product home instantly, so I did the same.

Once I started using it, I found a pleasant change in my personality. Now I was getting better and perfect shape of my breasts. I could see that not only my breasts look wonderful under every outfit, but also the irritation and pain had gone.

Make a change in life

As I have used the bra lifts UK and am now fully satisfied with the quality of the product. Now I highly recommend it to all of my female fellows and those who are listening to my voice. The product is just awesome and very convenient to use. Trust me you won’t regret your decision, it is both affordable and soft. The whole process of using the bra lifts is very gentle and accompanies lots of comfort.





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Why should I use Breast Tapes?

It is always interesting to ask yourself this important question, “why should I use breast tapes?” Well, the answer of this question is very easy and interesting. So, let us check out.

A convenient to use product

Absolutely true that breast tapes is a very convenient product. I have never felt irritated in using it. The day it wasn’t in my life, I used to remain worried. My breasts’ shape was dull and boring. Every outfit I used to wear gave odd and idiotic look. There was absolutely no attraction in my breasts, and to tell you honestly my boyfriend was also feeling tired of what I look like. Then came a time when I got breast tapes. This product brought great revolution in my lifestyle. I started using it and was happy to see the perfect shape of the breasts as it acted like a very convenient nipple cover.

Affordable and amazing

Absolutely true that breasts tapes is an affordable and amazing product. This never has given me any kind of irritation. It, instead, covers my nipples in a way that wearing even those tightest outfits is no more a problem. Whenever I have tight budget, I never feel sad or bad because I know that my breast tapes will come even at low price. To make all this happen, I am really very thankful to the makes and expert minds behind the breast tapes.

Comfortable product

Breast tapes are a very comfortable and soft product. Using it is like a cup of tea. It takes me a few minutes after every shower to apply breast tapes. I always make sure that my breasts have no water drops and are absolutely wet before using breast tapes. This is because the tapes cannot stick on the wet nipples. So you also have to remember this thing every time that the breast nipples should neither have any wetness nor you should apply any kind of moisturizer, because this can ruin the effectiveness of breast tapes.


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